1977 Maxi Newport FS

I'm gonna part with all my mopeds for now, in attempt to pay down some medical dept I have. I'm not willing to give any of this stuff away, as I can afford to just make my payments each month but want to get it paid off sooner than later.

First is my 1977 Newport. All stock stuff except the boss pipe, and a treats bing mesh air filter. This moped is nice, nice original paint, cranks aren't bent, brakes are good. Starts and runs great. I've only ridden this maybe 50 miles since all the work was done.

Here's a rundown:

New IRC 17x2.0 tires

Grimeca snowflakes

Free spirit bars

all new cables

Boss pipe

14 bing with new flat and needle/ treats filter

NGK plug wire

new Treats long Puch seat

30mph speedo

sealed beam HL bulb

I want $600 firm. I could part it for that but would rather not. In a few weeks I might start parting it if I can't sell it. Please don't ask for parts, I'll make a separate thread if I do part it.

Re: 1977 Maxi Newport FS

I forgot this has new rear shocks, and new allen bolts all over the place.

Re: 1977 Maxi Newport FS

Overpriced Parts /

Does a petal chain adjuster come with the bike?

Re: 1977 Maxi Newport FS

Yep, just not in the pic!

Re: 1977 Maxi Newport FS

I'm curious what you'll end up getting for it. I've got a mint yellow Newport for cheep and I've always been curious what it's really worth. Sorry to not be of much help here tho...bump?

Re: 1977 Maxi Newport FS

It's probably not worth that much, but with the amount I could part it for I cant sell it for any less

Re: 1977 Maxi Newport FS

Always loved this color, it'd be a shame to see it parted

Re: 1977 Maxi Newport FS


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