FA 50 for sale in Echo Park

375 OBO

I bought this bike off a guy in San Diego in 2009, rode it around echo park and highland park for a bit that summer. There was an issue with the exhaust pipe or intake, so I took it to my friend at Picture Cars out at LA Center Studios, who welded it up and said it would 'never break again.' Then I came back out east and left my bike in a friends garage. It's been there for about 18 months, and when I visited this xmas he told me it was time to move it out. The bike wouldn't start up this christmas past but it's probably just out of gas.

I would like to make an easy sale on this because I'm out of town for a while and my friend is gonna help me sell it. If you have a can of gas and want to go check it out, be my guest.

My email is larinsullivan@gmail.com. contact me directly, or give me a call at 310-210-6654

It's a blue bike, it's been repainted, it's cute and the lights partially work, the horn works, and it's a fun ride. It maxes out around 20 mph in speed but I'm told you moped enthusiasts have ways of making these bikes go faster.

A great fixer upper!


Re: FA 50 for sale in Echo Park

Too much unless its running, and without the intake and exhaust welded up. Because your guy welded whatever it now means those parts are going to be trash for who ever buys it unless they keep it stock.

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