wtb CHEAP hobbit parts

yo. looking for used and abused hobbit parts. i need a pipe (circuit? leovince? even a fucking jammy?) and a variator. stock vario is fine. not looking to spend much at all, so the uglier the better. as long as they will work! just wanna get my scrappy toptank hobbit going.

lemme know what you got and a price shipped to 95833 (sacramento, ca)


Re: wtb CHEAP hobbit parts

email me: christopherC@mopedarmy.com

Re: wtb CHEAP hobbit parts

Email me ive got some stuff email me what you need ill get back to you with what ive got ive for. i have a varo and a pipe for sure im looking to sell my proma for like $65.00

Re: wtb CHEAP hobbit parts

just need a pipe now.

thanks max.

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