Honda MB5 Wheels

Well I have decided to give up on trying to make these work on a Batavus HS-50 build. If I try to mod the rear wheel to work I will probably fuck it up and end up with scrap metal.

Here is my listing for them, but if you want them let me know so I can drop the Ebay listing and save the $15 charge from Ebay.

Price may be adjusted for MA members.

Re: Honda MB5 Wheels

Will trade for Moby 50v or Minarelli V1 parts also.

Re: Honda MB5 Wheels


trade for ?

Make offer ?

Re: Honda MB5 Wheels

have you considered spacing your sprocket off of the original one instead of cutting the wheels? something like this maybe?

Re: Honda MB5 Wheels

Is that just drilled out and bolted to the original sprocket with spacers to keep it set or something ? What about the torque on it ?

Fuck thats one hell of an idea !!!!

Re: Honda MB5 Wheels

thats exactly whats going on there. i did it as a project a long time ago and never got around to putting a motor on it... then i traded it to roburrito for a magnum x frame.... there are a few dudes that are running mb5 wheels on magnums and i got the idea from one of them, i dont remember who exactly but i cant take credit for it.

Re: Honda MB5 Wheels

Sa-Wheat !!!!!


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