FS/FT Mikuni VM22

Came from a 1979 Yamaha GT80. The rest of the parts can be found here. break>

I have never ran it. Needs a cleaning.

I need...

Complete A35

A3 Points

Dellorto PHBG 45 idle jet

Moby CDI Internal Coil

Moby AV7 Kit

Moby AV7 Expansion Pipe

Puch stator with internal coil

Puch front sprockets 17, 18

Puch 3 shoe clutch

Prices and trade offers to the email address above.

Re: FS/FT Mikuni VM22

Pablo Puchasso /

I've got an 18 tooth and cash but... is that paint or mud?

Re: FS/FT Mikuni VM22

Dan, I have a set of a3Points and an 18t. sprocket. Points are NOS. Email me.

Re: FS/FT Mikuni VM22


Re: FS/FT Mikuni VM22

Pablo Puchasso /


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