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I have a huge Lot of PA50-II

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Re: PA50II Huge Lot for Sale

Huge Lot. Huge can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people....Do you have an estimate of whats all included?

Re: PA50II Huge Lot for Sale

Dan McCullough /

OK, here is an estimate of what it includes. I have 8 PA50II frames in various stages of assembly from missing a rear wheel and motor to 99% complete. There are enough parts to complete the assembly of all. Four are 99% complete. One of the 99% complete ones was left in the wheather and is rusted up bad. I was going to strip dow that one and salvage for parts. I have at least 6 spare motors on the bench. At least six wheels and six seats. Four large totes full of every imaginable part for these things. I have some repair manuals. Lots of spare belts, chains, carbarators etc. I have 4 to 6 brand new tires and intertubes. I think if someone has the time to work on these at least six good runners can be had. The remaining parts can be parted out on eBay and make enough $$ to pay for the purchase. I am lowing the price to $1,500.00 for anyone willing to take these off my hands by Jan 31, 2011. To get these you will need a pickup truck with a decent sized empty bed and a large trailer. I have collected this lot for eight years now. I am moving and I cannot keep them. My dream is shattered:-(

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