FS... freespirit tank cover, moby pedals, seats

I got 2 seats, a regular tomos one and another unidentified longer one maybe from a tomos also? it looks like it'd line up to a top tank. I'll look at the mounts see if I can figure it out. both are in pretty good shape. faded but not torn or flat

15ea. + shipping

The moby pedals are just some moby pedals with the lil logo on em. put em on whatever you want. I don't know if i've got the cotter pins still. 15 shipped.

Tank cover from a kromag freespirit tank. few small scratches, looks fine. the tank was toast. probably gonna not be worth the shipping, but i'll send it to you at cost of shipping, probably like 10 bucks?

Re: FS... freespirit tank cover, moby pedals, seat

Is that Tomos seat still available?

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