Free Spirit worth $300?

Seems like a good deal, runs, needs some minor engine updating(new bearings etc $100 worth of work)


Re: Free Spirit worth $300?

Shane Antisocialite /

No. The fact that it's in what appears to be a garage full of other mopeds means the seller probably got it for 50 bucks and is trying to flip it to you for a nice profit, There is nothing really wrong with that, since this stuff is worth whatever you are willing to pay, but if I can find at least one or two running mopeds every month for ~150 a pop, so can you. Ask hick friends about dirty old peds in their uncles barns, check Craigslist daily, just let it be known you are looking for one, and one will come along for less.

On the other hand, if you really want one right now, and the money isn't that big of an issue for you, a Free Spirit is a great place to start, and that one certainly looks like it would be a nice bike if you are comfortable with digging into the engine. Mopeds are ridiculously simple machines relative to just about every other form of transportation on earth... but if you have never turned a wrench before, buying one that needs fairly involved work like you say this one does could be intimidating.

Re: Free Spirit worth $300?

If it has papers, probably. New York is a different moped value system than Indiana. A free spirit is a better bike for a bigger rider, and less common than your average maxi. Also the easiest bike to learn on I think, with scads of available parts.

Re: Free Spirit worth $300?

Solid bike , the only thing you need to do in ny if you have no registration , is to trace out the vin number off the data plate on the bike[shading to a piece of paper], dmv will accept this. As far as the price, thats a rock solid bike to build from, and it takes a couple hours to rebuild an e50. Bump for Jesse

Re: Free Spirit worth $300?

No. Mopeds are dangerous.

Re: Free Spirit worth $300?

Hi Mike

You will get lots of good info on these forums Freespirit or not



Re: Free Spirit worth $300?

Timmy Southpark /

I vote no... Does it have side covers? Are you capable of pulling the bearings off the crank?

Not to mention most older bikes like this seem to have common problems like broken switchs, throttles, tires, leaky fuel cocks, etc...

Seems to me you could find a running tomos for maxi for not much more that is probably in better shape. Put an add out of craigslist looking for a moped, or haggle this guy on the price. Personally in ohio, i wouldnt give over $200 for that bike.

Re: Free Spirit worth $300?

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