WTB: running A3

looking for a running a3 engine

with or with out the top end


Re: WTB: running A3

What's wrong with yours?

Re: WTB: running A3

i have a rolling frame that i need an engine for

Re: WTB: running A3

midnight bump

Re: WTB: running A3

anyone have an engine for me?

Re: WTB: running A3

nerdzilla No mo Peds no mo /

hey i may know where a decent bottom end is. il email you if hes willing to part with it.

Re: WTB: running A3

awesome thanks

Re: WTB: running A3

I have four A3 motors in various states of completion.

One is pretty much 100%, complete w/cylinder and head, I've never heard it run but it has good compression and turns over nicely.

I have two complete bottom ends as well, one looks pretty good, the other is kinda ehhh.

Then I also have one complete but 100% disassembled motor with some rare parts (NOS crankshaft, nice case & bearings, etc)

I'd do 125 shipped for the nice complete one, 80 for the better of the two bottom ends, 60 for the not as nice one, and would take offers on any of the spare stuff I have. Or take EVERYTHING (enough to build 4 motors) for 300 shipped to your door.


Re: WTB: running A3

hooked up by columbus again, thanks guys

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