Puegeot 102sp for sale in Chi-town

This is NON running 1980 Puegeot 102sp.

I bought this bad boy last summer and planned to restore it to its full glory (if not full glory, at least partial glory to where i could jump through a fiery hoop on it). This has not happened, I just have not had the time, nor hoop.

The Good:

-Moped is totally complete. I have all the parts, not all attached...but all there. ...sans some of the superficial plastic side pieces.

-I took the time, money, and energy to break down the engine, clean it and refit it with new gaskets. I even did electrolysis on the crank to remove some rusty buildup.

-Carb is immaculate, could have given birth to Christ its so immaculate.

-I scoured the internet for manuals and diagrams and things of that nature (specifically for the 102sp), so I have some really good, original moped wisdom in book form.

-I have around 400 pictures of the moped and its pieces in various states of completeness as I took it apart to clean. I'm willing to give these out as reference.

-I have a brand new spark plug and drive belt to go with the moped (plus all the spanking new gaskets that are already installed).

The Bad:

-Gas tank is rusty. So you'll have to de-rust it, either chemically or....well probably chemically. I can point you in the direction of some help, but if you're considering buying this moped you probably already know what's up.

-There's a bit of rust on the outside of the moped, not too much and not particularly noticeable but it's there.

-It's not all put together, the engine, manifold and carb are off as well as the throttle and those cables (which I have). Also the magneto is apart, all there, but not put together. But as I was cleaning and adjusting I needed to remove some parts. I could put some of the stuff back on if you wanted...

The Ugly:

-Mostly the rusty gas tank. That can be taken care of fairly easily according to everyone I've talked to and everything I read. Its just takes some well ventilated space and some chemicals. You could also try electrolyses. Which freaking works like a charm, by the way.

I'm asking for $450 (or best offer). Also this deal is a Pick Up Only.

If you have any questions or want to see more pictures, let me know and I'll get that right out to you.

Word up. Thanks for looking.


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Re: Puegeot 102sp for sale in Chi-town

I wish. Sorry.

I could give you a bill of sale if that helps....

Re: Puegeot 102sp for sale in Chi-town

derek from black pipes moped gang 🌧 /

that's a lot of dough for a non runner. I could barely sell my fast 102 that had a bigger carb and pipe for more than $100. Good luck.

Re: Puegeot 102sp for sale in Chi-town

i bought dereks 102, and it was cleaner then this bike, not to be a dick! hope you sell it

Re: Puegeot 102sp for sale in Chi-town

I get it. If you're interested I'd point you at the spot where it says "or best offer". I knew I wouldn't get much on here for it. I'd like to get at least 275 or 300 for all the shit I put into it.

It's not that clean now, but It looked like total shit when I bought it. Plus the engine was all gummed up and now its practically new. I forgot to mention that I bought new piston rings for it as well.

But..yeah, well see.

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