Urban Parts

'82 NU50 Urban parts for sale.


Good 16" Front Wheel complete w/ brake/axle

Good gas tank /no petcock or cap

Stator & cover


Clutch cover - Chop it for an Inspection cover or not

Speedo w/ housing

Lower batt box w/brkt

& More

Re: Urban Parts


Re: Urban Parts

I also forgot to mention the under seat electrics - rectifier, CDI, flasher bundle.

Re: Urban Parts

how much for cdi box to 48001

Re: Urban Parts

Front wheel spokes shipped to 63119 ?

Re: Urban Parts

Tate in Madison /

Speedo holder?

Re: Urban Parts


Re: Urban Parts

Complete wheel assy (only). $45 UPS to 63119

CDI bundle is $15 Shipped anywhere USPS

Speedo holder, housing w/ holder $25 Shipped anywhere

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