FS E50 topend

i have a stock puch 50cc e50 topend, and a 12mm bing intake. Runs and works just like new

so you get the head, cylinder, piston w. piston rings and all that jazz, and the 12mm intake (if you want it) forrrrrrrrrrrrr


Re: FS E50 topend

anybody intrested?

Re: FS E50 topend

tough sell, many people also have kitted their e50 and have all this just laying around. i know i do,

Re: FS E50 topend

Not to mention i bought a used stock 2HP topend complete with ALL the gaskets and head and intake for $45shipped..good luck

Re: FS E50 topend

Yeah, John.....probably too high there. 50 is kind of the market top for those two parts. Super common.....and yo can almost buy an awesome big bore kit for that much off Treats.

Re: FS E50 topend

Probably Fred /

It's you know who again

Trying to sell make believe parts

Re: FS E50 topend

David Christs....

David Christianson twatwaffle

Rippoff artist David Christianson /

Pay us back and stop selling on here with different names Back to the top

This twatwaffle owes me 45 dollars

This is his facebook


Mom is Andrea Donnelly-Christianson

MOMS a MILF I would do her

Daves information he Worked at RadioShack (sales associate)Studied at Southeast TechLives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Knows English,

Davids information

1125 s. ebenezer ave.

City: sioux falls

State: South Dakota

Zip: 57106

Country: United States of America

Phone: 605-521-7976 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 605-521-7976


Re: David Christianson twatwaffle

Dude stop trying to sell shit. Its not gonna work.

Re: David Christianson twatwaffle

- Summerai - Christine L /

You can buy a complete e50

from 77 for 60 bucks right now.

You mad.

Re: David Christianson twatwaffle

Rippoff artist David Christianson /

Bump for Davids MOM


Re: David Christianson twatwaffle

Bump NO MOM, just want my $50 REFUND!!!!

Re: FS E50 topend

bump for my $50 refund!!

Re: FS E50 topend

Terry..if you paid through paypal as a gift to him it's your stupidity..he is still to blame, but you have to point the finger back at yourself also.

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