FS Garelli Rally Sport

I just bought this like two days ago and then noticed I had more important crap to work on. It's a cool bike in alright condition. It gets spark and turns over without the plug in, most likely due to poor compression. The tank is perfectly smooth on the inside, absolutely no rust. It's missing one pedal/arm but as you are most likely well traveled in mopeds that isn't too big of a deal. I don't have the time and money to mess around with this thing. I'll start the bartering off at 180.


Re: FS Garelli Rally Sport

would definitely trade this weird project for another weird project

Re: FS Garelli Rally Sport

Where are you located? Want it, sorta.

Re: FS Garelli Rally Sport

i live in the massachusetts rhode island area

Re: FS Garelli Rally Sport

bump, 150

Re: FS Garelli Rally Sport

Jason Collier /

nate, lets work something out for this.

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