Free Monza GT stuff

I am sick of looking at this pile of partly broken Monza Fairing. It's from an '85, so it's a black one. I've got,

Front fender - cracked, with bracket

rear fender - in great shape

seat - with mount, has a small rip

rear seat back thing - it's fiberglass, and it's cracked, but could probably be fixed and painted and would look great

underhanging plastic thing - the one under the tank that covers the coil, broken in half, probably the least salvageable, but you could get creative.

chain guard - good shape, rad, right?

First person to hand draw a dinosaur and email me a scan gets the lot. You can pick it up or pay shipping (doesn't weigh much, but is kind of bulky). I don't have a pic, but I can take one tomorrow.

I'm going to go drink in the new year now, so get to scribbling.

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