Wtb moped around stl area

Just turned 18 and I'm spending any cash I get on a moped, soo yeah show me them mopeds. I'm sorta set on a puch or vespa but anything will work.

I live right outside of st.Louis so I could pick up or we could make some arrangment, if your anywhere close.

Re: Wtb moped around stl area

Oh yeah and my numbers 1-636-465-4106, just text me with what you got.

Re: Wtb moped around stl area

P.S. I wouldn't mind just getting a frame to build up one.

Re: Wtb moped around stl area

Email me. I've got completely rebuilt bikes with kits, regualar old stockers that need some work, and frames for you to build. I am in KC but go back to STL about once a month. Prices range from about 50-600 dollars depending on what you're looking for and are willing to spend.

Re: Wtb moped around stl area

I have no idea how to get to your email. I'm sort of a noob to this stuff. But I would like to know what you have.

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