wtb: Honda PC50 stuff

Id love an exhaust and carb and manifold for a pc50

give me a holler if you can hook me up


Re: wtb: Honda PC50 stuff

the carb thats on it is fine why you lookin for another one

Re: wtb: Honda PC50 stuff

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Jay, I recognize the IP everything OK?

Andrew, what is wrong with the intake? Can it be machined to accept a more "normal" carb?

Re: wtb: Honda PC50 stuff

IDK i thought if someone had one cheap id buy a carb.

its a normal carb, its actually a kehin and all

id like to find an exhaust tho.

Re: wtb: Honda PC50 stuff

I believe that the Indian pipe is the same as or close to the PC-50. Pretty sure they will fit. Find someone selling Indian parts, or this guy used to have them but they were pricey.


Re: wtb: Honda PC50 stuff

oh cool

jay you have the indians pipe?

god that sounds racist.

Re: wtb: Honda PC50 stuff

thanks for sending my cap andrew......u da man

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