Blk to the future b/s

Blkblkdrk & blkblkrickus /

I've got a:

-nice running caio

-very nice running testi amico (rare)

-cheery running motobecane vlx

-red pinto frame w/fork, fenders, rack, tank,swingarm pedal cranks and shocks

-real nice red pinto complete minus the engine

-free spirit frame, tank, fenders

-kriedler florett rs frame, tank, fork, wheels, fenders, body, and seat

-kriedler florett rs 5-gang 95% complete

-kriedler mp3 chopper complete minus the engine (5 stars)

-showroom/collectors quality honda mb5

-full build maxi

-full build maxi n w/kick start e50

-maxi frame w/captain america paint

post here if you have any interest in any of that or if you have anything you want to try and sell at our rally.

Re: Blk to the future b/s

vespa bravo - new belt, techno circuit pipe and new malossi variator. it's a loaner and will be for sale... make an offer at the rally if you want it.

Re: Blk to the future b/s

Rick also has a real nice red tomos targa with a kit and pipe...

Re: Blk to the future b/s

Fish tits Krauthamer /

Ill be bringing a stock yellow hobbit PA50II that i want to sell or would trade for the right mixture of derbi and peugeot performance parts.

Re: Blk to the future b/s

ya want to sell the motor off the hobit

Re: Blk to the future b/s

Pics/price of the mb5?

Re: Blk to the future b/s

anyone with RD350 parts let me know

Re: Blk to the future b/s

>>>taykoff [s2m] /

pics of the testi amico (rare)?

Re: Blk to the future b/s

I'm in alabama for the holidays, I won't be able to post pics until I get back.

The mb5 looks like it just came off the showroom floor, it is black and had less then 1000miles. 9.5 out of 10.

The amoco looks like an old lambretta, it has 12"snowflakes and a v1, its about a 8 out of 10.

I'm entertaining offers at this time, if your offer is too low i'll give you my bottom line; if it's too high I might just take it but probably throw in some other cool shit for ya.

Re: Blk to the future b/s

bump cause i gots too many mopeds to feed this x-mas...

Re: Blk to the future b/s

Come to colorado and take home a moped!

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