F/S Urban Parts

Decent/Usable Urban parts available:

Clean Carb (cleaned inside & out w/pics available)

Reeds & Intake

14" front wheel - complete assy with brakes. Lace it for a rear.

Good, usable/paintable, no dent gas tank (no petcock or cap)

Complete fork assy with front cover brkt. (chrome a bit worn)

Front cover


All primary, kick and final drive gears, axle.

Belt cover. Whole or I'll chop it into an inspection cover for $10 extra.

Under seat - Electric modules including coil, module cover.

Stator & cover

Pegs, good condition

Peg brkt covers (no brkt)

Speedo w/ cover and brkt. (6000 miles)


No frame, wiring harness, hand controls, rear wheel assy motor/cases, petcock, headlamp assy, keyswitch, bars, rack, turn signals, license mount brkt., seat, variator, clutch, cables, fenders, shock, exhaust.


Re: F/S Urban Parts

Gruff "(OFMC)" - /

pm'd you

Re: F/S Urban Parts

how much for the reed block??shipped.

Re: F/S Urban Parts

Surely that's a 16" front wheel?


Re: F/S Urban Parts

I always do that, it's a 16"! DOoooY (Homer Simpson)

Re: F/S Urban Parts

How much for the kicker gears?

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