WTB Moped New Orleans

Hi, I'm looking for a moped in the New Orleans area for my sister. I'm from RI and I have my own mopeds and all so I'm not just some idiot looking for a scooter or something. So if you have anything of interest I could easily paypal you if you could bring it to her. I know it's an odd request but I feel like if anybody can make it happen it's MA.

Re: WTB Moped New Orleans

Nate, find us on facebook: Moped Order of New Orleans


I am sure Matty has one he would be willing to part with. He has at least a maxi and a Tomos he has been thinking of selling

He just went to Richmond for christmas, but feel free to contact us anyway. we are always up for meeting new moped riders, send your sis our way!


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