Honda Express Keys & ignitions wanted

Check your Honda Express NC50 & NA50 parts supply. I would like to find extra keys for it, ORIGINALS that is. Key numbers needed are: 820, 316, 417 & 408. If you have parted a bike & have one or more of these keys around with any of those numbers on them, I have $$$ for you! If you have one of them with the ignition switch that would rule too! I have 3 bikes & would like to key them all the same, so check out your bikes & look in your garage drawers as well. if you have a key that matches one of the above numbers, e-mail me & I will be interested for sure. I know this sounds a bit silly, but hey, I got a matched pair already & I wanna see what I can all find as well.

I also have quite a bit of Honda NC50 & NA 50 parts to do partial trades on. I have NO baskets, but I do have gas tanks & a few working headlights as well.

Re: Honda Express Keys & ignitions wanted

I have a 518 key complete with matching ignition switch. Email me if interested:

Also have other express parts if you're looking.

Re: Honda Express Keys & ignitions wanted

Found and purchased a 316 switch & key from someone through here. Thanks! So, check your tool boxes or your desk drawers for any keys you may have, I will buy those as long as they have the numbers in my first posting here.

Re: Honda Express Keys & ignitions wanted


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