honda express sr complete race motor

I have a complete 'nx50 motor

72cc polini bore. Was 180. Shipped

Honda ev exhaust was 120 shipped

24 mm mukuni carb " used stock reed box with 24mm custom intake I made"

Notched variator with slightly lighter weights

Everything is barely broken in and in top new shape 'not ghetto'

Motor burrys the needle so it will hit 40+ id say arround 50 ish

It goes past the 40 max on speedo. Took apart engine and cleaned and serviced everything. Took out and pluged oil pump"will include it" running 50:1 premix

Also include stock carb, needs a stock jet though. I think I have the stock coil somewhere which I will include. I have a new cdi brain if u wanna buy it for 20 extra.

Only getting rid of because I have a new project drag bike .

Only serious buyers please!!!! Will not part out, and I take paypal only!!!!

300 plus shipping. Prob like $50

Re: honda express sr complete race motor

My email is I can send pics for serious buyers.

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