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Sorry for late replies everyone, really busy yesterday.

a_ko - depends on the make you can get an idea here break>

Graham - RE: Clip -on weights - Not on this budget :) I am just truing/aligning the crank webs

motobee - yeah, I am open to trades, shoot me an email. I wouldn't mind donations of dead cranks I haven't seen yet like jawa, yamaha, etc. so I can try and hunt down replacement options.

I will get some more E50s done this weekend.

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Hey Ed, I milled that bearing race off

There was a lot of galling underneath it and where the outside lip of the race met the shaft it had melted. Weird. Some kind eutectic bond? Dunno. Pulling that thing would have damaged the shaft more.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I recommended the red loctite. Since I had to take a little material off to clean up all the galling and that ring/residue of melt I just wanted to make sure the new race didn't slide around since the pressing force would be less. I figure taking off red loctite won't be as big a PINTA as that last bearing race was.

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It says right on the bottle. Bearing retainer.

What does red loctite say ? Threads.. correct.

I got your email. I will reply in a bit after lunch.

Here is what the local shop has for truing and rebuilding.

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The device on the bottom is supposed to make the first device unnecessary.

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ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

ahhh still no moby cranks!

wish i was building something you offered, so much cheaper than buying a new crank!

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I am sending three Moby cranks today.

One was in a stock bike that just wore out.

Two where in my fast bike, one of them only soft seized once and still runs/seems fine, the other seized 3 times the last seizure took one of the shims out.

Do with them as you wish, save me a Moby crank so when I can asfford one I can get it.

I thought I was able to save the box with the rest of my blown cranks when I lost most of my stuff last summer.

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Dean - haha, I am working on it. Two things are slowing me down with mobys. 1. It takes a little time to establish relationships with the vendors. 2. A lot of these old moby cranks are tricky to press apart in a safe and consistent manner. I'm working up some tooling to do it, but it's gonna take a bit.

Paulvolio - Sounds great. I guess you got my email. I wonder what the hold up was? I still haven't received any of yours.

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Sachs cranks need love too

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Tate in Madison /

I have a couple seized cranks around here and absolutely zero use for them.

At least 1 or 2 E50 cranks, Garelli NOI, Sachs 505 1d, Honda Express, probably others.

I would rather they go somewhere they can be of use to someone.

If you want them they are yours.

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Hey Tate, yes! Can I email you at your profile addy?

Nick, my goal is to find good conrod replacement options for everything. I haven't seen a sachs crank yet, so I'll need to get a few dead ones in here so that I can run down all of the sizes.

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Ok, Honda NC50 dudes, here it is:

Quality Japanese manufacture with Japanese bearings (IKO)!

Problem is I can only get 1, yes one, right now. I have more on order but they will take a few weeks for delivery. The price for full reconditioning will be $72.

MadMike, you have dibs on this one.

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Re: FS: Reconditioned Crankshafts

let seconds have it i don`t have my motor apart i`ll wait

Re: FS: Reconditioned Crankshafts

I'll send you a couple sachs cranks they both have the d stroke (44mm) one is totally junky but the other could probably be run. Give

Me an adress I'll send them out on mon.

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Hey Nick, email me and I'll give you my address. I'd like to contact you when I find something out.

IRE Rick, madmike is giving you first option on the nc50. Email me dude!

Also, I have 4 more E50s up on the site:

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