need Yamaha Champ part

Kris Rose /

I need the part in front that the black plastic horn cover attaches to.

The metal cage looking thing.

I can't think of the damn part name right now but I can pay cash or trade in parts of equal value.

Just look at my other recent posts to see what I have or go here

let me know a price or what you want in trade.

Thanks in advance.


Re: need Yamaha Champ part

Look through these pics, I may have what you need. definitely always down for a trade.

Re: need Yamaha Champ part


i actually found another Yamaha Champ parts bike for $40 and pulled the part I needed from that.

Thanks anyway.

Although i do see that you had/have a chappy.

I've been fixing one up and I can't get the damn pedals to move.

The last guy took off the gear and chain and another part that I don't know where it goes and i got the one pedal crank off and tried to pull the pedal out and it wouldn't budge

I see where you puch in and it's supposed to lock in place?

but the squares are off by millimeters and won't go into each other.

I've never had one of these before and I would really like to get the pedals working again before I try and sell it for real.

Here's a pic of the pieces the last owner gave me for the pedals.

It feels like its welded in there.


I guess they thought because it has a kick start too it wouldn't matter.

the guy who sold it to me said it came to him this way too.

maybe he broke something and didn't want to own up.



when I try and put it in high gear it jerks really hard

what's up with that?

This is my first ever chappy so I'm not used to this switching gears shit.

sorry for the novel but you're the first person I've come across who might know all this shit.

I'll send you an extra cheap part just for being helpful.

Thanks in advance


Re: need Yamaha Champ part

here's the pic of the other side that's stuck


Re: need Yamaha Champ part

I have another complete bike thta runs but its jerky, like its in and out of 2nd gear. I wonder if its possible the small rod that is pushed to engage hi/low is either too long or too short because of clutch wear or something. Never messed with it enough to know if its true. I have a spare motor for one of these somewhere if I look around. My parts bike had the pedals welded in place by some fool. My camera battery charger is still MIA in action but I will get you pics soon if you want.

Re: need Yamaha Champ part

I have 2 chappy's currently! and have had 4 others! Your pedals look fine in the pics! They are pop out pedals!! if the right side seems like it's off by mm's and will not pop in spray the shit out of the shaft and work it back and fourth!!! it should pop in!! then turn the left pedal 180 counter clockwise and they set like foot pegs!! dont force it but they get gummed up because they probably haven't been used in 25-30 years!

Re: need Yamaha Champ part

Here is a picture of the right!


Re: need Yamaha Champ part

Here is the left!! This is how they sit as footpegs!! To pedal turn the left one 180 clockwise and they pop out!! Feel free to email any questions!!


Re: need Yamaha Champ part

Try PB Blaster!! I doubt they are welded, they are just frozen!!

Re: need Yamaha Champ part

I've got some blaster and I'll spray some in there and try getting it loosened up enough to match up the cut outs. also, the push pin on the left side has been broken off, so the only way for me to turn it is to have the pedal crank off of the bar and to stick a flat head screwdriver in there to push it and turn it at the same time. What did that push pin do in the first place? could that be part of the problem?

I took off the gear box and took everything apart. new grease, put it back together again. It seemed that a part inside had been broken off where you change from neutral to low or high but that it was still possible, just not as good as it used to be.

Of course I was rushing to get it all ready for a guy to look at it to maybe buy it, so I was trying to adjust the carb at the same time all this other was going on, and it was pitch black outside and cold as hell. I'll try again in the daylight and see how smooth it is after I put the round exhaust part back on it.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Re: need Yamaha Champ part

The push pin engages the sprocket!!

Re: need Yamaha Champ part

well then...I guess that would be a problem.

I tried The blaster on it and still no budging. This thing is stuck.

I know you said welding wasn't likely, but really, you can't move this thing.

Even if the sprocket could be engaged, it wouldn't move, so I'm right back where I started.

I tried wiggling the pedal back and forth to get the right side to at least fit into the little cut outs but no go.

whoever wanted the pedals not to work REALLY wanted them stuck for good.

I'm about to just give up and sell it as is.

It's a shame too, because it's such a cool little bike, would've been nice to sell it as a working moped.

Thanks for all the good advice.

if you can think of anything else please let me know.

Re: need Yamaha Champ part

trailblocker help!!!!

I'm having a shit day trying to get my Chappy going.

It fucking barely starts, then it dies if I let go of the throttle.

Then I get it to idle...finally, without any throttle and it goes around the block in low gear and tops out around 5-7 MPH

Then when I stop it and try to get it into high gear, it dies and won't start up again.

I just put the exhaust on it after cleaning it out with oven cleaner for two days in a row.

I can't find the damn service guide.

Where does that damn baffler go?

nothing is working.

fuck today.

today is stupid.

I can't find your e-mail

any help would be very much appreciated.


Re: need Yamaha Champ part

Kevin Boudrot /

Do you still have the champ parts bike, I could use a few things


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