Mike Thomas polini reed block 19mm intake

"custom made intake by mike thomas. for polini reed blocks. puch, peugeot, tomos ones and the motobecane AV10 ones too. it's extra long so you can cut it to your needs. for rubber mounting dellorto PHBG spigot style carburetors. ID is 19mm.

catch is, we are not sure if the angle of these will be usefull for all applications, so you will have to judge if this intake will work for you.

very high quality! the best i have seen yet! welded together with some kind of high tech braising process. sure not to leak or break, ever! the manifold flange part is flawless in shape and cut. very nice job mike thomas!"


^^^ description from treats. i got this, didnt need it never used it. intake only.

you get it for $40 shipped!


Re: Mike Thomas polini reed block 19mm intake

tis the season! if you send it to me I can change the angle within reason to your needs!

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