Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

Recently I have found a guy out in the boonies who is clearing out an old motorcycle salvage yard. The yard closed down sometime in the 1980's.

So most of what's in there is from 1960's till 1980's and japanese make.


I did find a Vespa Ciao there that was mostly complete and ever managed to get the chain unrusted and the back tire moving.

This stuff has been sitting in blackberry bushes for over twenty years mind you,

but there are some really good parts still left.

Al lot of the bikes have had the engines taken off and stored in the barn on the property.

as well as the seats and the carbs.

I didn't see the seats myself, but my friend said they were pretty messed up.

I'll check myself when I go back.

There is a pile of treasure there that I can't fully take advantage of.

I've put out a few lines to a few people about maybe taking advantage of this place.

I know this site is mostly for mopeds but I also know that a lot of you have other bikes that aren't mopeds that you are working on too.

So I'm trying to get a list together for the next time I go out there to see what all is available and if it would be worth the money and time to be a proxy, and buy stuff for people who live to far away to go there themselves.

so send me your dream list of parts and the bikes you want and the prices you want to pay and please send pics so I;ll know what I looking at when I get there.

If all goes well and the weather holds I plan on going there sometime next week.

maybe the weekend.

I hope this works

It would make a nice X-mas present to a lot of riders out there.

oh yeah, and let me know if you are looking for frames.

there were a ton of frames in good condition too.

Re: Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

get pics...

Re: Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

what an underwhelming response.

It's like a two hour drive and $60 worth of gas to go out there.

The idea was to make it worthwhile to go out there again.

so going and getting pics, then driving back just so somebody can go..nahh.


thought I'd try to help a brotha out but f*ck it.

If you don't need it then you don't need it.

Re: Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

this is the kind of thing you need to go experience yourself, and theres not really anybody in OK that rides super actively....plus the thread title is way less exciting than "abandoned motorcycle salvage yard discovered!" which would probably get 3984890 views. the thread title you chose made it sound like you were some guy who discovered moped army and now youre trying to unload some japanese bike parts for way too much money, which isnt the case.

thread titles are everything! this is an exciting discovery, but kinda far for anybody to go check out, and we'd definitely all want to check it out...ourselves.

Re: Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

hi kis , was wandering if this yard is east or west of tulsa, if east i may be interested, i am in rogers ar. THANKS

Re: Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

Certain Jap items are worth big bucks, but bikes sitting out in the open for twenty years are unlikely to yield any treasures...

Re: Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

that's what I thought too Chris, but you'd be surprised. There is also a barn full of complete engines, carbs, seats and other bits and pieces. I could see chrome parts that were still shiny, so maybe all the black berry bushes this stuff was buried in protected it somehow,

It's located about an hour and a half south east of Tulsa, outside of McAlester. I'm not sure where Rodgers is located but if it;s near the Oklahoma/Arkansas border it shouldn't be too far of a drive.

If anyone wants to go together and split the gas money, I'd be down.

Yeah, I know it's the kind of thing you want to be able to do yourself, but I thought since most people couldn't go themselves that I could act as a proxy for them.

The idea was to take a list of wanted parts, take pics of what I found, and then go back the next day and grab what parts people wanted after seeing the pictures. Maybe spend the night in a motel or something that had Wifi and bring my laptop.

Maybe I'll re post with the better title.

Thanks for the heads up.

Re: Feeler q: need 60's-80's japanese parts?

† CH∆D † /

I need cb160 stuff.

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