Magnum LTD wheels

I got a set of LTD 5 stars, there complete with original paint but need love. Asking $300 + shipping.


Re: Magnum LTD wheels

Last pic of the front wheel


Re: Magnum LTD wheels

Rear wheel


Re: Magnum LTD wheels

Another one of the rear wheel


Re: Magnum LTD wheels

Any tweaks, bends or cracks? Do they come with rubber? If not, can you photograph the rim without the tire? Will you at least wipe off the grime? Can you wipe off the grime? What rhymes with orange? How are the bearings? Does the set come with the freewheel and sprocket? Do you like smooth jazz?

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Re: Magnum LTD wheels

Timmy Southpark /

grime takes 100% of the value away. Tell you what, mail these to me and i'll cover the shipping cost. I'm pretty generous.

Re: Magnum LTD wheels

These came off an LTD I parted awile ago, they are not broken and straight but as you can see they are kinda dirty and may need the bearings repacked. They will come with the old tires.

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