Trade 40t for Puch

To trade minty 40t, all chrome fenders, new rear rubber, all original, Panels, original pipe, the pires will come off. It is a gorgeous bike. I cleaned it up started it ran baout two miles and been sitting since. Rigid is just not my thing.

Want Puch equal shape magnum,free spirit,korado,maxi in that order of preference. Let me know what you got.

Re: Trade 40t for Puch

I am in Bath MAINE......

Also have a new tire for the front, the original is in good shape.

Re: Trade 40t for Puch

I wish I could grab this, I think about it all the time.

You should see what I have done with the yellow 40t I bought off of you.

Re: Trade 40t for Puch


I am interested in that Pires pipe if you want to sell just the exhaust. Do you still have that engine with the buggered threads?

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