WTB: 1981 Honda Express II NA50 parts

Greetings, friends! Am new to the forum, but so glad I found it, and that someone created such a place, as I hope I can end my search here!!

I am looking for several parts, that I cannot locate anywhere, they are all for my 1981 Honda Express II NA50 Moped, and are as follows:

-1 Rear wheel

-Front Lamp, hm-bn-s( bulb, ignition and speedometer not needed, just the housing)

-Air cleaner housing, basket and hardware.

My moped recently suffered a bit of a fender bender and am quite bummed I have to search for these very hard to find parts, but where there's a will there's a way, right? So if you have or can suggest something I can use instead please hit me up, for fast response please email at godzcomplex@hotmail.com. Thanks!!

Re: WTB: 1981 Honda Express II NA50 parts

rear wheel is hard as fuck to find. its the same hub size as 82-83.

2. treats might have those, otherwise ebay.

c. i might have an air cleaner, you looking for front basket im guessing?

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