Cheap projects for sale

I need to get these out of my garage..they are taking up to much space.

Great looking puch maxi LS roller frame. Has perfect long seat and chrome, late model controls and very minimal surface rust inside the tank. Petcock is perfect. Wheels look geart with minimal corrosion. Just needs a motor!


Milk crate of e50 cases, e50 components, cylinders and stands. Pot luck here. $50

Peugeot 103 SP race frame. Chopped and lightened has late model engine cradle and grimica mag wheels from a puch (i think) BRAND new michelin M92S tires, cheapie clipons. Was the frame from my water cooled bike, now has a running but parts bin engine on it. $150



TWO Binachi 5 star step throughs, in poor shape. One ran when parked 2 years ago. Has a 90cc Olympia cast iron kit running one ring. 19mm dellorto race carb and stamped stinger race pipe. Wonky forks. The other bike is a parts bike of the same color. $150

2005 Polini X5 50cc, 2 speed automatic

approx 55mph

never offroad

Pickup only in 10925

call if interested 6093301720

Re: Cheap projects for sale

I'll give you $160 shipped for the Peugeot if you decide to change your mind.

Re: Cheap projects for sale

No sorry, no shipping. and definatly no shipping for $

Re: Cheap projects for sale

wow $10 extra to ship a moped that will cost $70 to ship...sounds like a great deal! Im totally on that!

No sorry, no shipping, I dont have time for this crap

Pickup only, no bullshit

Re: Cheap projects for sale

campeona del mundo /

so im guessing you wouldn't sell me the fan/shroud setup off one of those v1s??

Re: Cheap projects for sale

Fish tits Krauthamer /

Mathew, we can come over and pick a few of these up.

what is your zip? we are coming over to NJ on tuesday

Re: Cheap projects for sale


im in NY now 10925..about 5 min from the jersey border.

ill msg you today

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