Hobbit kitted and all that for sale

Tate in Madison /

I am selling what is probably one of my favorite daily drivers I have built.

It is a 1979 Honda PA50 I with the red tiger stripe colors which is my favorite color pattern besides the 83 black.

I replaced the worthless PA50 I engine with a PA50 II engine and carb and intake and reeds and variator so it is for all intents and purposes a red PA50 II.

Then I went ahead and made it into a kickass daily driver.

I went for good acceleration and comfort and stock looking vs. racey and less comfortable and top speed.


DR kit with less than 500 miles on it. I just champfered the ports and cleaned them up a bit. No port work done.

Notched variator

PA50 I weights

1.5k+ clutch springs.

Carb bored out to about 13mm.

New variator side crank seal.

Dual stage reeds.

and other stuff I can't think of right now.

The exhaust I have on it right now is a Jamaracol circuit but I will be keeping it and replacing it with a proma circuit. I want to keep the Jamaracol pipe because they are the quietest Hobbit pipe I have ever run. The Proma will be faster probably all the way through.

Its pretty damn clean and has like 2xxx on the clock. Tank is nice and clean which is clutch on a Hobbit. Its also a really reliable bike. I have had absolutely zero issues with it since I kitted it and I rode it every day for a month or two. I would have no qualms about taking this thing on a hundred mile+ ride.

I really never pushed her to the limit but you can do 45 at like 3/4 throttle all day. With the proma it will be even faster.

I am selling it so I can justify building another Hobbit and fund some other builds. This one is too nice to king and paint and mess with but I have another one or two that are beat enough that I wont feel guilty totally tearing them apart and painting them and such.

I am looking to get 600 obo on it.


Re: Hobbit kitted and all that for sale

Tate in Madison /

Looks like this one is SOLD

The next one is going to be straight pelvis shattering and biblical in its grandeur.

Re: Hobbit kitted and all that for sale

We are all building Athena Hobbits this winter with Motomatic or MLM pipes, so don't think you are going to be anything special, bud. :)

Re: Hobbit kitted and all that for sale

Matthew Chedda /

Please tell me you found an NF75!

Re: Hobbit kitted and all that for sale

Tate in Madison /

As a matter of fact DOT DOT DOT

The new Hobbit big bore is 49.5 mm.

I have said too much.

Re: Hobbit kitted and all that for sale

2fast! :) .. .. direct fit no case boring .


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