tomos ped part out A55

well my dad decided that he could get more out of his ped by just parting it out so lets see`.... its a black 09 sprint with a55 motor and blinkers... only 1,xxx miles on bike but has all new piston kit installed with 2 miles on it (my dad likes to replace moving parts often) it was rode verry gentle... everything is in wonderfull shape who wants parts??? make offers if i get enouph replys it will get parted out! thx

Re: tomos ped part out A55

Interested in the motor. I have an A3 (complete) that I can trade too.

Re: tomos ped part out A55

motor-220 shipped(like new)

wheels-100 shipped(great shape new tires)

blinkers-40 shipped(LIKE NEW)

controlls w/o switches 30 shipped each

seat(LIKE NEW) 50shipped

fenders(LIKE NEW) 30 each shipped

wire harness with cdi box 50 shipped

to many parts to list this bike is in great shape so are the parts... just want to get close to what he has in it back..

Re: tomos ped part out A55

nerdzilla No mo Peds no mo /

need a front fender, one for the ebr style forks.

Re: tomos ped part out A55

carb is not included in motor price it will be 35 shipped just to make it clear thanks, Rob

Re: tomos ped part out A55

A55 motor and carb and coil SOLD! Thx Again Chris Great Buyer

Re: tomos ped part out A55

binkers are SOLD

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