FS: Old Mystery Exhaust and Seat in CT

Pic one of the exhaust^^ came off an old harley? If you know what this is from please let me know.

Make me an offer to nmklop96@yahoo.com

Bend the exhaust and fit it on a moped! I'd cook it first and clean it.

I found it in the woods, picking up more parts soon, frame, dash, sick shocks, etc.


Picture 2, Exhaust

Exhaust picture 2^^^ The bad side. There are no rust holes on this, It's a solid pipe.

I'm sure a little steel wool and elbow grease will make this a shiney sexy pipe. Cut and weld it, make your own pipe!


Longseat picture 1

Picture 1^^^^

Found this in the same area as the exhaust, possibly off the same bike.

Definately needs reupholstering, Foam and strap in the middle are still in good condition. Streach some new leather around the seat, make a cafe racer seat, etc!

The next picture is going to be of the bottom of the seat, still in good condition, needs to be cleaned up.


Longseat picture 2

As you can see, the bottom of the seat pan is still solid. Give me your offers here or nmklop96@yahoo.com prefered.

Might ship, prefer pickup.


Oh yeah,

Inb4 wrong forum fuckface. Suck it if you have nothing nice or helpful to say.

The bike is a Honda CL350

Found the exhaust stamp (HM345) did a search, and Honda CL350 showed up, saw a few pictures and it definately is. here's a picture of one

Re: The bike is a Honda CL350


Re: The bike is a Honda CL350

campeona del mundo /

what is this off of? like an aermacchi 50?

Re: The bike is a Honda CL350

I was going to say "vertical Honda enduro"...

Vertical Aermacchi/Harleys came only in 2-stroke form.

Re: The bike is a Honda CL350

Do you even know what wrong forum fuck face means?

Re: The bike is a Honda CL350

They are off an old Honda CL350

Close Chris.

Yes aar, I do.


Re: The bike is a Honda CL350

I'm sorry, that was a rhetorical question.

Because obviously you don't.

Haters gonna hate, when you give them a reason..

Re: The bike is a Honda CL350

Thanks for the free bumps aar. Go be a Nazi somewhere else. Suck it.

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