FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Disclaimer: This kit is not for everyone. It requires custom modifications to cases to work. Please read on if youre up for some experimentation.

First off, this kit is the best hobbit kit... period. The most powerful, most revs, and amazing quality.

Second, this kit powered my hobbit to the honest low 60 mph area for 2 seasons and over 3000 miles on both coasts. It was never seized. Sarah blew a hole in the piston after a set of points took a shit in Austin, but it has a new piston which i waited 6 months to get, and it has less than 1000 miles. Consistently and reliably the fastest hobbit ever on these shores?

My simple setup was this kit was this: 30 yr old points, motomatic n8p, derbi 6 weight vario, dio 4 pedal and 24mik. dio2ks

I modified the stock head by hand with a dremel to give it clearance for the piston. This method proves to be crude, yet successful (also ask Matt Aberle) but it can make the headgasket a weak link if you decide to keep the decomp. I am a hobbit purist, so i always keep the decomp. This kit will require a new ATHENA headgasket.

The kit transfers have been opened up substantially and the transfer splitters have been thinned and smoothed. Extra material will need to be added to stock cases and transfers will need to be widened to make the most of this setup. I used JB Weld on the cases and it seemed to do ok, but i did A LOT of prep work and was very patient. It might bolt up to a stock case without mod, but i would not recommend it. A custom basegasket will need to be cut.

I will include the stock head i cut to make it work, but ideally you'd ask graham from the cranks to cut you a custom one, but i do not recommend having any type of high comp math'd out squishband. All hobbit kits are low comp and run cold and they are fine with it.

Devin Biek and i spent many many hours cleaning this kit up. thinning out walls, examining all the flow areas and making them as smooth as possible in the transitions. You will see port work at its finest with this kit. All extra "flashing" from the cast has been removed and cleaned up. The exhaust outlet was cleaned up, opened up and smoothed to a mirror finish. This setup is designed to flow seamlessly and matched into a Motomatic 24mm header with a custom exhaust gasket that does not crush into the port creating a bottleneck. The motomatic is the only pipe i suggest running with this kit. not much of the port timing has been changed. maybe 1-1.5mm total raising/lowering.

There are bronze sleeves in the stud holes, resizing them to 6mm making the kit perfectly centered on all the studs.

This kit is awesome but its a challenge. I managed to not have a lot of maintenance but i really put a lot of time and heart into the setup and always was thinking ahead of potential failures and going the extra mile.

$180 shipped is the price. Comes with clean low milage piston.


if you read carefully, i gave away alot of my little secrets for a consistent and powerful build.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Wow. Can't wait to see what you have in store next since you're selling this.

Great deal on this kit.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

next year: Smaller kit, smaller carb, stock reed cage, custom pipe, powerful ignition. more revs.

faster and easier.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Is there a particular reason you're switching from the dio reed block to stock? If this has been discussed somewhere on here, sorry I haven't been around for a while.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

because i feel that the stock reeds are plenty.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY


Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY


Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Looks like a ton of nice work was put into this cylinder.. Bump for a better than new Athena cylinder for a good price!

@Peter. May i ask what smaller cylinder you are going to use? Or your whole new combo for next year?

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

rock finally shredding pow /

id buy this if i wasnt already running the exact setup you're shooting for, or if i had an extra hobbit to build.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

hey dudes, here is my potential plans for next year.

RPM is my goal, hobbits suck at it, so im after it.

Parmakit with similar portwork and matching

Stock head

1977moperds ultracrank

some custom clutch work, gonna try and get it to slip like a puch

derbi 6 weight or stock notched vario

custom pipe, based off of a puch 6P

HPI ignition

Dellorto 19-21mm

stock intake opened up puch header intake donger

widened stock reedcage with 1 big carbon flap

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

rock finally shredding pow /

im running that same intake setup. opened up pa50i intake, puch header, one big doppler reed ala puch polini, 19 phbg.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

thats the intake setup i ran on my yellow hobbit.

it was my favorite so far.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

where'd you get the copper sleeves- or did you just cut them?

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

they are bronze sleeves, and i got them from ACE hardware.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

That's not all, chief. I filled the bowling balls with a funnel.

Bump for a sweet kit. If I still had my hobbit I would scoop this right up.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Uphill DarthNater /

How ya gonna get it to push RPMs? Pipe and HPI help a bunch I suppose. A super late hitting pipe would be good, but I thought that was what the N8P was kinda about. Maybe a clone of the Gianelli Black Gun? Clutch tuning? Late late late engaging springs? Kinda french style?

Also this next coming rally season I'm determined to shake your hand, Peter.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

and I'm determined to grab your ass, Peter.

Should I build my Hobbit off of this kit? Hmmm...

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

campeona del mundo /

you should use this head on your next build

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

^ dunno about that head. The fin size/pattern seems kinda inadequate, like a spree head.

Have seen it on a lot of euro bikes, though.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Nah, not a fan of high comp heads. The stock hobbit head is plenty and wails. Plus it has decomp.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

That head isn't the same one they use in Euro land, at least for Athena builds: they sometimes use the Athena head for the Piaggio Zip. Same bore (47.6) and bolt pattern. It's designed for a fan cooling system, though, soooooo....

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY


Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Tate in Madison /

The reason you see a lot of those Piaggio zip 47.6mm heads on Euro Caminos/PX50's is because in Europe they make "sprinters" which are basically bikes which are meant to run like a minute or two at a time.

If you ran that head for any real amount of time you would become heat soaked and lose performance quickly if not seize.

The bolt holes and dome size are right but without a decomp and with the high compression you will have a hell of a time starting it unless its not on a Hobbit.

Also someone should man up and put this kit on like an Express or a golfcart Express SR.

Also if you get a chance go ahead and weight that Derbi 6 roller. I am curious to know how much it weighs.

Personally I think some of the big gains in Hobbit land will come with lowering the rotating mass. Lighten that clutch/variator and get that inner rotor ignition.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

rock no longer shredding pow /

get the clutch off the crank too. also, decomp is necessary when its 45 degrees and under.

bump for a rare kit

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

is it still possible to find pistons/rings for this kit? i might be interested in this if it is...

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY


Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Fuck it I'll keep it then

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Peter. I'm in Ann Arbor. Send me an email, maybe we can work something out.

Re: FS: Hobbit Athena PROS ONLY

Hell yeah, Ryan stepping up.

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