WANTED: White Puch Seat

I want a white repro puch seat (1.5 or saddle, I don't care). 1977 e-mailed me back and said they don't know if they will get them back in anytime soon.

Has to be fairly mint. If I can't get a Puch repro, I will get a diff. white seat new somewhere else. What you got?

Re: WANTED: White Puch Seat

Probably going to make my own, but I'll try a free bump first.

Re: WANTED: White Puch Seat

***Kim Jong illest*** /

Re: WANTED: White Puch Seat

I was about to say thanks but I don't know how to say thank you in dutch... If I could read the website, I'd try and order it. But shipping will probably be as much as the seat... FML. Thanks anyways.

Re: WANTED: White Puch Seat

hi here the price for shipping

till 5 kg is 48 dollar

till 10kg is 80 dollar


this or


price seat 39 dollar

Re: WANTED: White Puch Seat

Thanks for the prices Will. I am just going to get a maxi seat here in the US and re-upholster it as someone suggested to me. Probably the best way to do it.

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