WTB a35 motor and trans

i just picked up a late 80's tomos for $50! had a seized piston, so the owner just let it sit outside with the head and jug off for who knows how long.... the crank is all rusted up, and so is everything inside the motor/trans since it was just sitting in the elements open! it has an a3 but would rather just put an a35 on there... im in charlotte NC 28203. thanks!

Re: WTB a35 motor and trans


what are you looking to spend i have a good engine trans just got to mount the cylinder and head back on it

it wont have any electronics but i can put in the stator and flywheel

im in columbia about 2 hours away

im looking to sell the whole bike that it is on for 250

Re: WTB a35 motor and trans

i have a complete a35 bottom end for sale just need cyl,head, and piston kit 40 shipped

Re: WTB a35 motor and trans

rob if you still have this at the end of the week or so, depending on how my week goes with work, ill grab that from you... im picking up a 89 bullet tt tomorrow so there goes my moped money for this week!

Re: WTB a35 motor and trans


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