Honda Express Headlight

I bought this headlight NEW last summer for $43.00. Its the sealed beamed unit. I was gonna fix this one bike up & it was not worth it anymore so I parted the bike out. This light was then used for a short time in my 1981 Express.

It DOES work, I would not try to sell if it did not. I have more pictures if you want them. E-mail me for them by clicking the link above here. I want $35 shipped in the lower 48 USA states. Outside the USA shipping will be higher. It will be well packaged too, so I know this is a good deal to someone who needs a new bulb.

I may have one more good used bulb in my other parts stach from an express, but if I get enough interest, I'll go & try & locate it, that one was bought new also, might be like 3 years old though.


Re: Honda Express Headlight

back side of it.......


Re: Honda Express Headlight

still have this yet. I have one more as well.

Re: Honda Express Headlight

nobody needs one of these? Now that I have one nobody responds?

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