FS: 17ish carburetor

Tate in Madison /

I picked up this pile of carburetors the other day.

Among them was a handful of carburetors for 90cc 2 stroke kids ATVs.

I put one on my scooter and it added quite a bit of speed.

I am also converting a couple to manual choke.

The bore on them is like a 14x19 oval at the most narrow part of the bore.

They are spigot/hose mount so they are pretty versatile.

You would have to convert it to manual choke on your own or just leave it as is and run it with the choke off all the time.

As far as I can tell its basically a wannabe PHVA. It has a hole for oil and a hole for vacuum but you could plug both if you wanted.

Comes with an 87.5 main jet (6mm) and an idle jet I can't read. Also has a mixture screw and idle screw and needle so its pretty tunable it seems.

If anyone wanted to play around with one and figure out if they could use it on something I would sell one or two at like 26 shipped.

Or if you have a little something to trade that would work too.

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