FS: AV7 Bottom End, Exhaust, Head

Make offers. Flat Rate box shipping so you know if it fits I can ship it for that price

Stock AV7 (50v 30mph) bottom end, comes with variator, ignition, flywheel, wrist pin and roller bearings. You know you're gonna kit and CDI this thing anyway. ($10.70 flat rate box)

Stock AV7 head (50v)

Stock AV7 exhaust (50v)

3 Gurtner carbs ~ 2 Peugeot, 1 Moby 50v 30mph.

Stock 103 intake.

I will post pics if I have to but you guys know what these parts look like. So let me know if you need pics.

Re: FS: AV7 Bottom End, Exhaust, Head

M-Tenn Aaron /

Bump for cheap parts !!

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