WTB puch stuff

charHARHARHARlie /

i need some shiz for a newport project.

a 15 bing, some low rise bars, left hand brake/clutch, a weak ends pipe(email me back guyz), a headlight (round guia one), some springy shocks(for newport), puch longseat, some of those sidebar things attached to the shocks, a small tail light. uhh thats all i can think of for now.. anyone have a complete blaster polini setup?

Re: WTB puch stuff

charHARHARHARlie /

oh and a gas cap

Re: WTB puch stuff

Hey dude I have a set of newport shocks-the eyelet parts were powder coated semi-flat black and the shaft parts were sandblasted and I was going to spray paint them but never got around to it, chrome looks good. I have the side rails, no major pitting and they're also decent. I also have a gas cap with a measuring cup that's in great shape and a GUIA headlight bucket-I bought it for the lens and bezel(it's literally new).

Aaaand, I'm somewhat local... I could ship or meet halfway, I am in Orange and you're in LBC.

What's a fair price???

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