[FS BO] 1984 Jawa 210 (Toronto)

Long time reader, first time poster.

What you see up for sale is my 1984 Jawa 210. Got it from another member on Mopedarmy a couple of years back who pieced it together very well. Definitely not the prettiest of bikes, but its served me well without a doubt. Trying to sell it before having to move it into storage. If you're valiant enough to brave the snow or interested in something to tinker with through the winter let me know what your price is.

Re: [FS BO] 1984 Jawa 210 (Toronto)

haha that tank is awesome

Re: [FS BO] 1984 Jawa 210 (Toronto)

210 = one of the most under-rated bikes out there.

Re: [FS BO] 1984 Jawa 210 (Toronto)

@kt - I have to agree with you, it gets a bad rap. My situation has just changed and the ped is not as practical as it used to be. Otherwise I love it :-)

@mopedjay - Its made of fairly thick gauge aluminum - so its pretty and functional.

If anyone has any comments I appreciate the bumps :-P Otherwise if you're in the area I'm selling to the best reasonable offer - just post up what you think is fair and I'll get in contact with you.

Re: [FS BO] 1984 Jawa 210 (Toronto)

too far and in the wrong country for me

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