FS: Newly upholstered Pinto seat

The seat off my 79 Pinto. Just had it upholstered black with yellow cord to match the yellow bike... now I'm putting a totally different seat on it so I don't need the old one.

It's pretty much make an offer and I'll say yes or no. I'm asking for an extra 13 bucks on top of the sale price for UPS Ground shipping. Paypal works for payment. If I don't sell it here within a week or so I'll put it on eBay and link the auction to bump the post.


Re: FS: Newly upholstered Pinto seat

Just figured I'd add:

- it is a stock pinto seat, reupholstered

- come w/ the stock pole that i'm holding it up attached to... i won't need that anymore either

- it's very very poofy and comfortable... i had it stuffed nicely as well

Re: FS: Newly upholstered Pinto seat


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