FS: Top tank Malaguti in CT

Runs slow and lacks power, I have had it with this moped! $350 OBO. Get it out of my sight.

-New piston rings

-new piston rod needle bearing

-new replaced crankshaft seals

-new points and new condenser

-new spark plug

Comes with spare M1 reed valve engine in pieces.

Rust in tank.

Can't get it to go over about 25 mph, and it takes a while to get there. I tried many things, drilled 4 little holes in the baffle, drilled out intake. I have no idea why it performs so badly. It has the MO2 Franco Morini engine, 2 speed.

Maybe someone out there wants a rare top tank moped? Or any other ideas as to what I should try to get it running right.

I have tried a different ignition coil, different HT coil, different spark plug wire, different spark plug boot. Absolutely stumped. Compression is about 125.

Re: FS: Top tank Malaguti in CT

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

going to/thru PA anytime soon?

Re: FS: Top tank Malaguti in CT

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

email me let's make a deal

I am going past your area next Saturday and can pick it up

Re: FS: Top tank Malaguti in CT

Dave, e-mailed.

Rob, I would maybe consider driving to Scranton, PA. But you Pennsylvanians need titles anyway, I do not have a title.

Re: FS: Top tank Malaguti in CT

If dave doesnt take it i will.

Re: FS: Top tank Malaguti in CT

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /


If I don't I can pick it up for you

Tri-ped Dave

Still interested in my pacer, dave? me and pf live close together, maybe we can do a trade too since you will be in the area. email me at nmklop96@yahoo.com if you are still interested dave.


Re: Tri-ped Dave

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

i know about titles, i'll send an email

Re: Runs good now

I've been beating myself up over this but I have concluded that this moped is actually a 25mph version. The thing had a 9.5mm intake on it, how can that possibly do 30+? I blew the carb out with compressed air. It goes up to about 26mph on a flat, good acceleration, good idle, shifts at about 15mph, uphill struggles at about 15mph.

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