WTB: Magnum/Freespirit swingarm

ɯɐpɐ ʞunʞs /

I need a Magnum or Freespirit swingarm for a build. Whaddya got?

Stock or robot, just let me know what you have and how much you want. The build is getting powdercoated.

I'm in San Diego, 92126.

Email: bunnah "at" gmail dot com

Re: WTB: Magnum/Freespirit swingarm

ɯɐpɐ ʞunʞs /

Bumping, still looking for a swingarm that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I can get a robot swingarm for cheaper than what is being offered to me..

Re: WTB: Magnum/Freespirit swingarm

then go buy a robot swingarm....the robots tend to break...you want the best parts, you gotta spend the money.

Re: WTB: Magnum/Freespirit swingarm

For once I agree with orangerobin.

I've got a swingarm.

Its attached to the frame.

200 shipped.

With or without the frame.

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