Dellorto 14.12 FS

Clean and complete SHA 14.12 with minarelli airbox. Taken from a running bike. 30 shipped


Re: Dellorto 14.12 FS

Also have some other random SHA 14.12 carbs I'd like to get rid of. They are missing some parts. I'll do 20 shipped on em.


Re: Dellorto 14.12 FS

bump... 40 for the whole lot

Re: Dellorto 14.12 FS

If it's a lever choke I'll buy this. I'm trying to swap out my encarwi for a dellorto on a silver bullet but I wasn't willing to buy a new carb for 80 when I knew a lot of old ones were floating around.

You wouldn't happen to have other A3 parts would you? Any intakes?

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