Trade Treats Points System for Treats CDI

I know some of you hate that Treats CDI System you bought and, but don't wanna use the crappy 17 coil stock system that's 30 years old.

I have a treats points system with internai coil and flywheel. Works great.

I had a CDI but fried the lighting coil and got frustrated and went nuts...That was a while ago so I'm open to giving it another whirl.

Straight trade. My treats E50 points setup for your Treats E50 CDI in WORKING CONDITION. No fried CDI's or Fried coils.

Anyone anyone? I'm in LA but will ship if you want. Post pics tonight.

Re: Trade Treats Points System for Treats CDI

#3 Shocker! /

i have a working cdi system for your points setup if you're interested.

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