Needed: Honda PA50 (or compat.) headlight bucket

I got into an accident that ripped the remaining life out of the mount for my red, 1982 Honda pa50 headlight bucket. The wiring is fine, everything works, I just need the bucket itself. I understand sometimes these things can't be separated, that's fine, I'll take a new headlight entirely if the need be. I don't need a red Hobbit (pa50) headlight bucket per se, just a compatible one with holes for the speedo and ignition. Until I locate a bucket I'll be the one riding a moped with its bucket guts zip-tied to the handlebars. A sad, sad sight.

Re: Needed: Honda PA50 (or compat.) headlight buck

I've got an 82 red headlight bucket. Shoot me an email.

Re: Needed: Honda PA50 (or compat.) headlight buck

I have a nice red headlight ring, maybe a red bucket too. For sure a bucket of a different color that can be painted. Check with Brian 1st though.

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