FS UPS magnum mint michigan

Hey everyone I am selling one of my two UPS magnums. Cosmetically amazing. Not perfect but close. Missing nothing. Gold 5 stars, za50, etc...hard pressed to find any nicer. Email only with serious inquiries. I have been stood up twice now so I am asking for a deposit. Paypal only. I am willing to private auction through ebay so the buyers feel safe. I will post pics tonight. 1300 firm. Its worth it. I am selling a few minty bikes including two minty pintos. I am the second owner of the magnum. 1600 miles on the working odom. Hit me up. No trades. Tough times need loot. Price is firm I would rather eat raman noodles than let this shiney lad go for less. I will be available for pickup holloween weekend. I am in kalamazoo.

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Re: FS UPS magnum mint michigan

do either one have the key in the dash? and a couple little lights?

my silver mk11 does not have them and I have 5 the broown one does and has a puch plastic and metal key

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot /

damn,you got some sweet bikes...what year are the magnums?....mich. is bill o' sale only,correct?....hmm,and those sweet pintos...droooool

Re: FS UPS magnum mint michigan

I just came all over the place, FREE BUMP

Re: FS UPS magnum mint michigan

Ha! Thanks guys. I wait and I scour and I wait. I buy turds but my buddy powder coats soo that always turns out all good. The rigid swinger Ive got has amazing paint and that thing was found at the bottom of a lake..No Shit.

But yeah dude Michigan is bill of sale only. I am second owner. These are seriously in really really good shape. Some dude emailed me talking about parting it and he got the finger!

The Pintos are dead clean too! Hate to let some of these go but yo you do whats you gots to.

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hey ffreddie they both have the keys and lights.....this ain't schwag.


Re: FS UPS magnum mint michigan

1st one is sold. May let the second go as well. I want 1200 but look at this lil ding and you tell me. These are again in retardedly great shape


Re: FS UPS magnum mint michigan

Nice on the supa qUick saLe

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