FZ-50 exhaust whose got one?

the exhaust flange warped on mine somehow and uh yeah massive airleak cant find a new one....will an fa pipe work?

Re: FZ-50 exhaust whose got one?

Tate in Madison /

Never had an FZ.

They are awesome though.

I bet an FA50 pipe would work.

If not I bet the header would fit.

Then you could have an excuse to hack/weld up a performance pipe.

FZ-50 exhaust whose got one?

Straighten that flange with a crescent wrench and make sure you have a copper gasket in there. Pretty common for those to leak.

Re: FZ-50 exhaust whose got one?

word what happened was it got sold to a couple buddys of mine and they tightened down the exhaust studs for whatever unknown reason, they then rode it for a couple weeks said one exhaust stud....Im guessing that bent the flange...Ill look into bending it back its pretty damn twisted

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