WTB AR2-12 Gurtner parts.

Anyone out there w/ a Gurner AR2-12 Carb. willing to part w/ the stock diffuser, diffuser nut and jet in useable condition please let me know. I damaged mine removing it.

Thanks! -1Jdz

Re: WTB AR2-12 Gurtner parts.

Hmm what did this come on? I have a Pug Gurtner, not sure what it is.

Re: WTB AR2-12 Gurtner parts.

1975 Moby 50L Is your carb an AR2-12 written on the back upper left? Thanks for the reply, hit me back! Thanks, -1Jdz

Re: WTB AR2-12 Gurtner parts.

The title of your post should read WTB 12 to 14mm Dellorto..

Being able to change jets is worth 3-6 mph alone.

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