FSL Peugeot 103sp w/70cc custom pipe

I would like this to go to a nice home. I spend the last 4 weeks building this bike. I am going to list all the mods and what not. The bike runs over 50+mph gets around 50mpg.

The gas tank is mint inside like bright new. I have ran 5 tanks of fuel through the engine. It runs like a motorcycle.

I am looking to get 700$ cash for it. NO TRADES. I will help the person get a title or I will issue a bill of sale from me personally.

Please email me. It's in my profile. Yea click my mopagen hyperlink.

The bike was at gettysburg ran very fast..

The cylinder and piston is tricked out for super high rpms.

Re: FSL Peugeot 103sp w/70cc custom pipe

Ah, Ed I didn't know you were selling it. Well it's legit people. I rode it and it pulls very hard and everything is tuned right, including a lightened variator that can eat hills. This is a waaaay solid deal.

Re: FSL Peugeot 103sp w/70cc custom pipe

Anyone in the area.. I will be more then happy to let you test drive it.

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